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Cabana Anchor Systems

Bolt Bungalow® to Hard Surfaces

Ideal for semi-permanent installation of your Bungalow® cabana, the deck plates are conveniently engineered to directly mount to almost any hard surface.  Utilizing standard bolts available through your favorite hardware store, once properly attached your pavilion will be sturdy and secure and ready for entertaining.

Pavilion Deluxe Stake Kit

Secure your Bungalow® pavilion with a Deluxe Stake Kit.  Sturdy 14” steel stakes and quick release pins make attaching the stakes to your cabana a breeze, and takedown is just as easy.  A must for outdoor use and breezy conditions, protect your investment with a Deluxe Stake Kit.

Stake Kit

Bungalow® Deluxe Weight Bag

Seamlessly matching the color scheme of your pavilion, deluxe weight bags secure your cabana, and are easily concealed by the curtain so they don’t distract from the overall ambiance.  Each weight bag holds 50 lbs. of sand and is ideal for any hard surface or outdoor application.
Weight Bag
Bungalow® Wind Ratings

10' Square Bungalow® 13' Hexagon Bungalow® 16' Hexagon Bungalow®
75 MPH
65 MPH
55 MPH

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Pavilions & Cabanas
Pavilions & Cabanas
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