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Cabana Care and Cleaning


For long lasting durability and the best possible protection for your Bungalow® shelter, follow these care and maintenance instructions:

a Bungalow® Sunbrella® top features a soil-and stain-resistant finish that makes clean-up a breeze. Spot wash by sponging briskly with a soapy solution of natural soap in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap and air dry. For stubborn stains, use a fabric spot remover. Follow directions on container. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry.
a Let the Bungalow® Pavilion top and frame dry completely before closing or storing to avoid mildew.
a Cabana frame will operate and look better if occasionally wiped with silicone spray, especially before and after use in damp conditions. Remove excess silicone residue before applying top.
a Use a seam sealer if pavilion top leaks or drips water. Available at most hardware or sporting goods stores.
a Slightly tighten bolts if frame becomes loose.
a We offer replacement parts on all Bungalow® pavilions.

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