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Bungalow® FAQ


- What is a Portable Luxury Pavilion and Cabana?

A cabana is defined as:  A temporary or permanent free standing shade structure with traversing curtains, decorative drapes and/or solid walls.

The Bungalow® takes a standard cabana to the highest level by providing elegance along with functionality.  The frames are made from aluminum or .a combination of aluminum and high strength steel with a premium powder-coated.finish in designer colors to match the cabana fabric color palate.

- What's the difference between Bungalow® and cabanas from retail outlets?

Bungalow® offer both a Designer Preferred Series and a Select Series to closely match your intended use.  Featuring custom designer color options, Bungalow® are a premium, elegant choice for many outdoor uses, including Beach Cabanas, Resort/Hotel Cabanas, Pool Cabanas, Backyard Gazebo, and many more..

Retail cabana units are typically imported from overseas and made with low quality materials.

- What's the difference between the Bungalow® Preferred Pavilion and Bungalow® Select Pavilions posted on this website?

The Bungalow® Preferred Pavilion is constructed with an aircraft aluminum frame, which is engineered for maximum.durability.  Offering 2 pre-selected fabric color combinations and mocha frame color, the Designer Preferred .Pavilion is also. available with custom combinations featuring any Sunbrella® fabric.  Available in three sizes, 10’ x 10’ square, 13’ x 13’ hexagon or 16’ x 16’ hexagon, the Designer Preferred.cabanas are ideal for resort, hotel.and other high-end uses.

The Bungalow® Select Series Pavilion is constructed of an aluminum and high strength steel frame and includes 2 pre-selected color options.  Available.in three sizes, 10’ x 10’ square, 13’ x 13’ hexagon or 16’ x 16’ hexagon, these cabanas. are also available with sidewall accessories and are ideal with many outdoor cabana applications.

- Do Bungalow by E-Z UP cabanas have a warranty?

Yes.  The Preferred Series Cabanas feature a 10-year warranty on the frame and 5-year fabric warranty on the Sunbrella® furniture grade.fabric.  The Select Series Cabanas feature a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2-year fabric warranty.on the.Select Outdoor Grade fabric.

- Do you carry Bungalow® in stock?

Yes.  Bungalow by E-Z UP carries Preferred pavilions in stock and ready for immediate delivery.  Contact 888-474-3583 to place your order today.

- How do you assemble and install the Outdoor Cabana?
An Owners’ Manual with complete setup and assembly instructions is included with every Bungalow® cabana, which provides step-by-step instructions to set up your outdoor cabana.

- How many people does it take to assemble and install a Bungalow® Outdoor Cabana?
The Bungalow® utilizes the E-Z UP® patented truss frame system that makes opening and closing the Bungalow® very easy and convenient.  It is recommended that 2 people set up and take down the cabana for maximum efficiency. 

-Will it hold up in bad weather/ windy conditions?

  1. Absolutely. Our standard frame pavilions have been wind tested to endure upwards of 65 mph winds when properly staked down to the ground.
  2. All components of the Bungalow® are designed with outdoor use in mind.
  3. All aluminum parts are powder-coated and will not rust or corrode.
  4. T2 double twin trusses give increased strength for your pavilion.
  5. Stainless steel aircraft grade fasteners will not rust or corrode.
  6. Top grade Nylon 6,6 parts will not crack and add dimensional stability.
  7. Sunbrella® fabrics are water resistant and are guaranteed to resist fading, mildew and atmospheric chemicals.
  8. The optimal benefit of the Bungalow® cabana in adverse weather is that is can be taken down and stored away in a matter of minutes.

-How do I anchor my pavilion down?

  1. There are several anchoring options for your cabana.
  2. Bolt directly into deck through deck plate.
  3. Deluxe Stake Kit.
  4. Sunbrella® Deluxe Weight Bag Set - Each bag holds 50 pounds of sand

-Really- how long does it take to put up and take down the Bungalow®?

  1. Regular set up takes about 5 minutes. Really.
  2. The first time the Bungalow® is used, set up requires some additional steps that will add to the set up time.
  3. One time placement of the fabric top.
  4. One time attachment of A and B frame (13’ and 16’ hexagons)
  5. Take down is even faster.
  6. More time will be spent folding the sidewalls than collapsing the frame.


- What is the most common size?

The 10' x 10' Bungalow® Designer Preferred pavilion is the most popular selling resort Cabana size.

- Are custom Bungalow® sizes available?

No.  The cabana sizes currently offered are 10’ x 10’ square, 13’ x 13’ hexagon and 16’ x 16’ hexagon.

- What features and options are available for Bungalow® Luxury Pavilions and Bungalow® Select Pavilions?

The Bungalow® Pavilions offer many additional features and options, including:

- What fabric do you use for Bungalow® Outdoor Pavilions?

Bungalow® Designer Preferred Pavilions feature Sunbrella® fabric – awning grade fabric for the cabana top and furniture grade fabric for the cabana sidewalls.

Bungalow® Select Pavilions feature Sunbrella® fabric – solution dyed acrylic/poly blend fabric for the cabana top, and sidewalls.

- What colors are available for Bungalow® Select Cabanas and Designer Preferred Cabanas?

The Bungalow® Select Cabanas feature two color options:

  • Sonoma:  top and curtain, accent and tie-back, Mocha frame
  • Milan:  top and curtain, accent and tie-back, Mocha frame

The Bungalow® Designer Preferred Cabanas feature two color options:

  • Luxe:  Cocoa top and curtain, linen accent, cocoa / linen tie-back, mocha frame
  • Villa:  Heather beige top and curtain, heather beige / true brown tie-back, mocha frame

- Are Bungalow® Cabanas water-proof?

Sunbrella® Awning Grade fabrics are water-repellent (not water-proof). This means that during the Sunbrella® finishing process a water repellent finish is applied to the fabric. Normal wear and usage will reduce the effectiveness of this finish as will cleaning the fabric.

- Do you use furniture grade fabric?
Yes.  Bungalow® Designer Preferred Pavilions feature Sunbrella® Furniture Grade Fabric for all sidewalls and corner curtains.


- How do you clean the Bungalow® Sunbrella® fabric canopy top?
Spot wash by sponging the cabana top briskly with a soapy solution of natural soap in lukewarm water. Rinse throughly with clean water to remove soap. Completely air dry.

Ordering Info

- How much do the Bungalow® Preferred and Bungalow® Select  Cabana units cost?
Pricing varies based on the size and type of Bungalow® cabana series purchased as well as the options selected.  Please contact our sales department at 888-474-3583 or visit our online store for complete details.

- How do I order my Bungalow® Outdoor Pavilion?
For price quotes, details, and to place your Bungalow® order, please contact 888-474-3583 or visit our online store.

- What payment methods do you accept?
Bungalow by E-Z UP accepts payment via check or all major credit cards.

- How are the cabanas delivered?

Depending on the size of the Bungalow® pavilion ordered, you will receive up to four boxes containing the cabana frame, top fabric and sidewalls. Delivery is via UPS or FedEx.

- Will you ship Bungalow® to my location?
All orders can be shipped to anywhere in the world.  For pricing and further information, please contact 888-474-3583.

- How long does it take to fabricate and deliver a Bungalow®?

Normal production time is 1-3 weeks. Rush production is available.

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