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Bungalow® Deluxe Stake Kits

AccessoriesStake Kit

Secure your Bungalow® pavilion with a Deluxe Stake Kit.  Sturdy 14” steel stakes and quick release pins make attaching the stakes to your cabana a breeze, and takedown is just as easy.  A must for outdoor use and breezy conditions, protect your investment with a Deluxe Stake Kit.




Each stake is 14” long and is compatible with any Bungalow® pavilion.   Industry leading size, weight and length, each stake includes a quick release pin locking system for an easy way to secure your cabana.

a Available in sets of 4 or 6 a 14” (35.5 cm) long

Other Anchors

From semi-permanent installation to securing your cabana for an afternoon, always stake or weight down your Bungalow®.  Do not leave your Bungalow® unattended and promptly take your Bungalow® down if heavy winds threaten to blow.

a The unique Bungalow® deck plate allows your cabana to be directly bolted to hard surfaces for semi-permanent installation.
a Deluxe Weight Bags are ideal for securing your pavilion on hard surfaces or indoors.

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